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432Hz vs 440Hz

All things vibrate. Like the quartz crystal in your watch, everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, the quartz will vibrate at such a precise frequency that it can define in your watch what is one second. People vibrate too, but on a molecular level, and throughout the millennia of human evolution we have found out that vibrating frequencies can change the frequency of objects (and people) around, harmony can even be achieved by simple mental intention.

Harmonic vibrating frequencies can have awesome effects on us. A great example is the wonderful experiment of Dr. Emoto who took pictures of water crystals from different sources, the purer the water (and the ones who received blessings), the more beautiful and harmonious are the crystals. And when you know 70% of our body mass is made of water, you realize how powerful this unseen mechanism can be.

Dr Emoto's water crystals

The same can happen with sound and people. Sound waves touch our bodies at a certain frequency and this resonates in our molecules. Almost all music we hear today (since it was standardized in 1953) is produced on a frequency of 440Hz, but it has been discovered that if a music is tuned to that frequency it can have a negative effect on humans as it creates a certain disharmony on a molecular level (as you can see on first image, above). By tuning a music to the frequency of 432Hz, it will change our body’s vibration to be in harmony with the universe as it seems to be a mathematical constant found on all of nature’s forces like light, matter, gravity, magnetism, and the DNA. It seems to be a hidden treasure built in all things, just like the Golden Ratio can be found in the proportions of your face, a leaf, a seashells or even on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa!

11Golden_Ratio           mona-lisa-golden%20ratio

Having this in mind, a growing current of musicians across the globe and cross-genres are promoting the re-tuning and production of music in 432Hz. Ok, let’s see (or rather hear) the difference:

One can feel straight away the difference, on the same note in 432Hz it sounds warmer and clearer then the 440Hz frequency.

turtle shell vs cymatic resonanceTurtle shell vs. cymatic paterns

I first heard of this wonder beginning of 2014 by the amazing electronic music duo Disclosure and we can see more and more artists pushing for a change of standard music frequency. My very good friend and techno DJ DJO has a special project called The 432Hz Wave that promotes full parties with 432Hz music in Goa, India! And you can also find popular songs re-tuned into 432Hz like this Bob Marley playlist:

If you are interested to know in depth about this, have a read on the original article that inspired this text:

And here’s a link of a tutorial that explains how to convert all your music in your computer to 432Hz: